2014 Inductees


Dorothy Hastie

For many years Dorothy has shown commitment and dedication in relation to improving both health and housing for indigenous people in Mareeba. In the early 1990s Dorothy lobbied for an indigenous health service in Mareeba and [...]


Cecelia Cook – Nhulundu Health Service

Cecelia Cook is a proud Byellee woman from Gladstone, Central Queensland. Cecelia has been an Aboriginal Health Worker for more than 15 years commencing her career with Gehgre Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation (Gehgre), as [...]


Ethel Munn

Ethel has a long history of community involvement – shaping and influencing Aboriginal Affairs – particularly with Queensland Education, Housing and Health. Ethel was well past conventional retirement age when elected to the Charleville Western Areas [...]


QAIHC Hall of Fame 2014 Program

The QAIHC Hall of Fame acknowledges the struggles and achievements of those that have gone before, providing a platform for the present day sector to build upon and continue to support their communities to improve their health and well-being.